Drag n Drop

Work till now After the translation debacle in my previous post, I started working on the back-end that will be used by later UI (I’ll be talking about one place where this back-end is used in this post) in a manner such that, when translations start functioning, they can easily be implemented by addition ofContinue reading “Drag n Drop”

Firmware Object

Back with another project update here~! Work till now let’s start with a quick refresher shall we. In my last post I talked about how gnome-games currently handles firmware and how the present code was refactored to make the code more re-usable later. It turns out that gnome-games handles firmware checks in the runner (notContinue reading “Firmware Object”

Refactor existing code

First task towards completion of the GSoC project was to refactor existing code such that it can be used later in the project. Originally, GNOME-Games handled firmware checks directly through the retro core source. While refactoring, GNOME Games’ model of individual modules must be kept in mind. But firmware are predominantly used by retro consolesContinue reading “Refactor existing code”

GSoC 2020, Let’s GO!

On 5th May 2020, I got an email from google, stating that I got accepted as a participant for Google Summer of Code 2020. The organisation I applied to was GNOME. Reason being, I have been contributing to GNOME since early 2019 to various projects such as gitg, libgit2-glib, GNOME Games etc. These contributions wereContinue reading “GSoC 2020, Let’s GO!”

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